[testimonial text=”“Being a producer that’s new to the industry, I try to get the edge on the competition as often as possible,with STRINGFINITY™ you can do just that. It’s a great product that helps me get real creative with my projects. The team at Crown Loops™ definitely got it right with this one, and I can’t wait for future products.”” name=”Ron R.E.G – Music Producer – N.Y., New York www.facebook.com/ron.reg.39?fref=ts”]


[testimonial text=” “I think your violin loops STRINGFINITY™ have a unique sound, with a tone that apparanterais to rnb, synthetism their provenance adds a tough texture but married to a music that is produced. I had a lot of fun using it and would do it again on occasion. Very nice loops! Thank you!””  name=”Ross Velt Man- Music Producer – Cavaillon, France www.facebook.com/rossvelt.man”]


[testimonial text=”“Stingfinity loops are not only hot enough to make entire songs with, they are convenient, of incredible sound quality, and compatible to any digital setup! Only one problem: Too many hot loops to choose from!!.”” name=”Eltone- Music Producer – Teaneck, New Jersey www.mixnmove.com”]


[testimonial text=” “As a music producer with placements on TV this STRINGFINITY™ pack definitely gives you more of a chance to be musical and creative. The loops are tense, emotional and uplifting, making it extremely easy to make hits!!!””  name=”MJ Metz- Music Producer – Mastic Beach, New York www.facebook.com/mjmetzproductions”]